Meet Adrian


Adrian is a native Houstonian with his roots firmly planted in his community. Whether it’s fostering a new business relationship or offering up his time and money to local non-profits, arts, and schools, he always believes in using his talents to give back to the friends and neighbors who have brought him the many wonderful opportunities and successes he’s experienced.

As his best friend, Albert, writes:

“If you’ve ever wanted to be more assured about your health, more confident in your step and feel your cheeks ache from an intense bout of laughter, Adrian Hernandez is the guy for you. From technology infrastructure to running his own shop making delicious smoothies, Adrian’s multifaceted skill sets have taken him all over this world and put him in contact with some of the most interesting people. And of course Adrian’s wildly charismatic, charming persona would make us privy to some equally interesting stories as he’s known to be quite the story teller…  All of this feeds into the sincere attention, care and quirkiness that Adrian devotes to everyone whether for nutrition counseling, when trying one of his amazing Raspberry Sunrise™ Teas, or as a friend. As his best friend, I have personally benefited greatly from his generosity, selflessness and humor; maybe not so much from his interior decorating.”

The Nutritionist

Adrian completed his BS, Nutrition Science Summa Cum Laude from Kaplan University and his MS, Health Education from Texas A&M University. During his time in school, he was honored and recognized by his peers, becoming the founding President of the Student Nutrition Association of Kaplan University. He still maintains close relationships with several of his professors and mentors while continuing to advance his education in the fields of health and wellness.

His approach to nutrition counseling is simplicity and balance with a focus on the individual. While working in nutrition, Adrian has developed several new methods to easily and effectively approach healthy living by learning to make simple choices using catchy phrases and methods such as his 10-20-30 Rule™.

The Techie

As former owner of a technology infrastructure company, Adrian is proud to call himself a tech nerd. While his main area of specialization is networking and telecommunications, he is also quite familiar with various software platforms, hardware maintenance, and technology streamlining.

Currently, he has investments in a local software company and as a consultant, he still serves several Houston area businesses as well as local non-profit groups, friends, and clients.

The Vocalist

Starting his career off as a musician and teacher, Adrian has long been both a contributor as well as a patron of the arts. Whether it’s lending his voice talent to a local business for their phone greetings, producing multiple accents or voices as part of a script, or simply singing a song, his vocal talents have remained at the forefront of his success over the years.

Currently, you are able to catch him singing with the Houston Grand Opera. He’s also, apparently, been spotted attacking a karaoke bar or two on the weekends but this is purely speculation.

The Foodie

Just like technology, it’s his experience that really got him into food. As the former and present co-owner and executive of several Houston area eateries, Adrian has developed a very intimate relationship with the food scene. He has worked in settings serving as few as one and as many as thousands of hungry people from smoothies to five-course meals.

A self-proclaimed tea sommelier, he has traveled the world tasting and learning about some of the finest and most delicious teas on earth. Of course, along the way, he sampled every bit of food he could fit into his belly – thank goodness for that degree in nutrition!
Visit his cafe to chat and sample some tea or invite him to dinner and cruise his list of favorite dives all over the globe. It doesn’t matter if it’s cheap eatz or ritzy fare, Adrian knows how to cook it and more importantly, how to eat it. Seriously, though, he can teach you how to eat and cook properly from both a savory and nutritional standpoint.

Wellness Coaching

Wellness and Lifestyle Coaching

Adrian Hernandez is the creator of the 10-20-30 Correlative Diet which has been shown to both reduce weight and size with only 3 simple to follow steps which guide your shopping, eating, and lifestyle habits.

He graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s in Nutrition Science and is near completion of a Master’s in Health Education from Texas A&M University, one of the top rated programs in the country. By using his education and original methods, Adrian lost over 35 pounds and 4 inches in less than 3 months. With the right attitude, knowledge, and support, you can achieve your goals just as he did. He provides friendly support with the right knowledge to help you reach your goals, whether they be health, weight, habit, or even socially related.


What is Lifestyle Coaching?

Lifestyle coaching is a form of supportive intervention which helps you to self-analyze and address your current situations, habits, and relationships in order to bring about positive change in your life. It is common for a client to come seeking weight loss advice who then realizes that his or her habits and relationships have a much more profound effect on their weight management than they had originally thought. This is what sets Adrian’s form of coaching apart from your typical weight loss clinic where the only focus is on counting the calories; this will help you lose weight, yes, but it will not always be enough to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle once the weight has been dropped.

If you live in the Houston area,

Adrian is available to help you learn the scientific principles and simple but effective methods of weight management which can help you drop inches, improve your health, and increase your energy and vitality no matter what your age, gender, or activity level.

You don’t have to struggle with the usual questions about weight loss and nutritious foods on your own. As your personal Wellness Coach, Adrian will work with you to continue eating the foods you already love in a way that works with your schedule, relationships, physical wellness, and budget.

Can you continue to eat the foods you love AND consume a well-balanced diet filled with a variety of foods? Absolutely!

Wellness Coaching is very affordable and can add enjoyment, confidence, and years to your life!

Other services include: 
  • Grocery Shopping Assistance
  • Workplace Wellness Seminars
  • Family/Youth Intervention

Wellness Coaching packages begin at only $149 for your initial consultation, dietary analysis, and first session. Then, customize your coaching schedule to fit your needs and lifestyle with packages starting at only $120 per month.  Call (281) 738-3047 or complete the form at the bottom of this page to request more information and get started today!

If you live elsewhere,

Contact Adrian to see how he can work with you via Skype, phone, e-mail, etc. Several existing and former clients have realized great success utilizing Adrian’s methods in conjunction with various methods of communication to help provide additional resources, support structure, and accountability to the designed program. This option is perfect for busy professionals who essentially need an on-call nutritionist or wellness coach to help them deal with the stresses of every day life.

Distance packages begin at only $99 for your initial consultation, dietary analysis, and first session. Then, customize your coaching schedule to fit your needs and lifestyle with packages starting at only $49 per month. Please complete the form below to request more information and get started today!


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Adrian's Cafe

The Drink Station

Adrian’s primary venture started back in 2008. It has become a staple for Pearland teens, young adults, and families for its delicious teas, smoothies, juices, and coffees. The Drink Station prides itself on offering up healthier alternatives than its local competitors.

Through his work at The Drink Station, Adrian has been a strong supporter of the arts and community. He has been consistent in providing donations to local art guilds, hosting local bands and artists, and aiding with fundraising efforts at local school booster events, with sports teams, and alongside various Rice University and University of Houston student organizations.

Check out The Drink Station online at

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I know what you’re thinking… “This guy’s supposed to be a health and wellness expert. Why is he offering technology and consulting services?”

Well, to answer your question, it’s because I used to work in the tech/telecom industry and I was known to be one of the best hardwired network technicians in the city. Because of that reputation, I gained quite the following of incredibly loyal business owner clients who call me when their in-house guys can’t cut it. In addition to that, I have consulted in other areas as well ranging from education to food service. I still offer my services on occasion to those whom I feel are worthy of my assistance.

So, to keep everything transparent, I always promise to post my current rates on my site so they will know how much I charge before they call and can rest assured that I charge everyone the same price across the board. Whereof, without further ado, I present my rates:

Consulting Rates (as of 05/01/2013)

Website Hosting

For web hosting rates, please visit

Computer or Virtual Network Services

$75/hr | 1 hour minimum + $49 service dispatch fee

Telecom or Physical Network Services

$125/hr | 1 hour minimum + $49 service dispatch fee

Website Maintenance

$45/hr | Billed in 1/4 hour increments


Purchase reimbursements charged a 15% convenience fee.

Cash, check, and all major credit cards accepted at time of service. 

Health/Educational Consulting

$120/hr | 1 hour minimum

Food and Beverage Consulting (Including Analysis)

$250/hr | 3 hour minimum




To inquire about one of Adrian’s brands, please contact the company directly:

The Drink Station

8209 Broadway Street, Suite 103
Pearland, TX 77581
(281) 412-0755

To contact regarding this site or to inquire about the following:

Speaking Engagements
Nutrition Consulting
Technology Consulting
Product Review/Endorsement
Vocal Talent

Complete the following form to contact Adrian’s professional agent, RJ Guajardo with Imagine Productions.

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